SAP Certifications - Where Do I Start?

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Certification ensures quality and competence.  It communicates an externally verified and industry-standard mark of excellence.  View "The Case for Certification" video

Organizations need certification because certified individuals mitigate business risks by ensuring that your project is completed accurately and on time.  Investment in certification and training yields a strong ROI on software investment and exponential increase in productivity.  Certification provides a clear measurement of your organization's current skill set and allows you to better plan and act on future training initiatives.  Click here to learn how to fuel your career with certification from SAP and click here for full details.

Certification from SAP delivers:

• Real and measurable improvement in productivity

• Education and experience-based levels of assessment

• Competitive differentiation in the bidding process

• Recruitment and retention benefits

SAP Certification Game           Certification Offerings

What is the SAP Certification Influence Council (CIC)?  Click here to learn more.  Watch the interview with Otto Schell (member of the Board of Directors with DSAG - SAP's German-speaking User Group) as he explains the value of the certification programs offered by SAP Education.