Top Ten Advises To Let Yourself Love SAP And Be Successful On It .

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I met many of people who requested from them to work at SAP system , but for sorry they can’t find themselves  at this field , and take decision to not complete at this field ,because they see themselves less than many consultant or have lack of information .

Please don’t despair, and try to complete by following the below advices:-  

  • 1-     Try to ask yourself “how you can see yourself at SAP field in the future ??”
  • 2-     Put your target and try to reach it.
  • 3-     Know your business cycles at your company ,and try to understand it deeply.
  • 4-     Know and read about SAP overview , modules types and know any of these modules already apply at your company.
  • 5-     The sap system is integrated system , so know the integrated  based lines at SAP modules.
  • 6-     Build your fundamentals at SAP system and make it strong ,after that work to large it more and more .
  • 7-     Learn “ not only how to get the information from SAP system but also where can I use and apply it” .
  • 8-     Know about the common problems which faced the end user at your company ,try to solve it and introduce it to him with gentle SOP.
  • 9-     Implement  DAMIC methodology for  shooting problems.
  • 10-   If you work with a team

         a-    Work together as one team towards achieving  the team target and your target.

         b-    Don’t look for the reasons “ why we couldn’t do, think how we could achieve given target ”.

         c-    Reconsider what you believes given conditions would be really given conditions, not controllable conditions by ourselves.


I hope all of you have kept all above in your mind, and worked with positive thinking.

Then your business and SAP success is coming automatically to you.