SAP Certified Application Associate ? BusinessObjects Data Integrator X I R 2 - C_BODI_20 Sample Questions
No. Questions: 19

12 . You want to join the “sales” and “customer” tables. Both tables reside in different databases and no database link can be specified. The join consumes a lot of memory as the DataIntegrator optimizer is not being able to resolve the most efficient execution plan automatically because of additional filter conditions on both tables.
How should you set the Source Table options to maximize the performance of this operation?

Correct Answers
  • Set the sales table join rank to 10 and the cache to "No", then set the customer table join rank to 5 and cache to "Yes".

Disclaimer: These are the sample questions provied by SAP and available in their website, these are for self-evaluation purposes only and do not appear on the actual certification exams.

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