Introduction to ALV using OOABAP

Developing ALV report using Object Oriented ABAP programming

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We all know how to develop ALV reports using standard SAP Function Modules, now we are going to learn developing ALV reports using Object Oriented approach.

List of most commonly used classes for OOALV.


What are the advantages of Object oriented ALV in SAP?

  • We have 'n' number of events available in the classes when compared to ALV with function modules which is flexible for programmer to develop ALV`s for various scenarios.
  • We can display more than one ALV grid in single screen.
  • By using Object Oriented approach we can control the size of ALV grid by using custom container.
  • We can place other UI elements like input field, check box etc on the screen.

Object Orineted ALV

Steps need to follow to create OOALV

  1. Create Screen
  2. Insert Custom Container UI element.
  3. Create Module.
  4. Create instance for Custom Container and add instance to ALV.
  5. Get data from tables
  6. Set data to ALV

Common FAQ on OOALV

What is UI element : It is a user interface element, which can hold certail type of data to be visible for user.

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