What are Events in SAP classes ?

Working with events and event handler methods in SAP classes in SAP ABAP programming model

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What are events in SAP Classes?

Event is a mechanism by which method of one class can raise method of another class, without the hazard of instantiating that class.

Follow the below steps to add a event
  • Define an event .
  • Define a method.
  • Link event and method and convert the method into event-handler method.
  • Create a triggering method which will raise the event.
  • Use set handler and register event handler method to a particular instance in the program.

Use below syntax to register a event handler method for a instance

SET HANDLER <INSTANCE> <EVT-HDLER-METHOD> for <INSTANCE>. "here instance is the object created by using create object

In the next we will be learning it with working example.

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