SAP Class Builder (SE24) introduction

What is the T-Code to create class in SAP ? What is SAP Class builder and introduction to transaction SE24 in SAP

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Transaction code for SAP class builder is SE24. SAP class builder(SE24) is used to create, display and change SAP classes.
Go to SE24 and provide some class example ex: CL_ABAP_CHAR_UTILITIES, to see what are the components of class.

SAP Classes

attributes of classes in SAP

Properties: The properties tab contains class properties like created user name, last changed user name, package etc.

Interfaces: Contains the list of the interfaces that are implemented in this class( will discuss in later lessons).

Friends: contains friend classes ( we will discuss later lessons).

Attributes: The attributes tab contains the list of attributes declared in that class.

Methods : Contains the methods with importing and exporting parameters and with some business functionality (source code).

Events: Contains events declared and implemented in that class.

Types: The types tab contains user defined type decelerations.

Aliases: Contains alias names for interface methods ( will discuss in later lessons).

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