IDOC useful T-Codes and Programs

Useful Transaction Codes and Programs for ALE-IDOCS Development and maintenance

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Useful T-Codes and Programs related IDOC processing and IDOC Development

Useful T-codes for IDOC's in SAP.

T-Code Purpose
WE02IDOC Display
WE05IDOC Display
WE20Partner Profile
WE21Define Port
Sm59Maintain RFC Destination
WE46IDOC Administration
IDOC Testing
WE15Outbound from MC
WE14Outbound processing from IDOC
WE18Generate Status File
We17Process Status File
WE12Inbound procg of modified outb.file 
WE16Inbound procg of orig.inb.file
WE60IDOC Types
WE64Process Codes
IDOC Development
WE30IDOC Types
WE31IDOC Segments
WE81Messages Types
WE82IDOC Types
WE41Outbound Process Code
WE42Inbound Process Code
WE47Status Values Maintain
WELIMaintain Status Groups
WE43Display Status Record

Useful Programs for IDOC

RBDMANI2 Manual IDOC Reprocessing
RBDMANIN Posting IDOC with Status 51
RBDMOIND Process outbound IDOC's with status 03-12
RSEOUT00 Process IDOC's with Status 30
RBDAPP01 Process IDOC's with Status 64
RBDAGAIN Process incorrect outbound IDOC's
RBDAGAI2 IDOC Reprocess After ALE input error

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