What is RFC in SAP ? Concept of RFC

Introduction to RFC Function Modules, introduction to RFC destinations

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RFC (Remote Function Call)

  • These are Special type of Function Module's which are used to communicate with remote servers.
  • The remote servers can be SAP to SAP or SAP to Non-SAP servers.
  • To make a function modules as remote enables function modules we have to add some additional properties.
  • Whenever we make a function module remote enables, an additional interface will be created internally.
  • All parameter interface (import/export) must be pass by value not pass by reference.

RFC Function Modules in SAP ABAP

A remote enabled function module (RFC) is used to communicate with remote servers, how? We must know about RFC Destination.

RFC Destination

RFC Destination is a communication network between two remote servers, by using this two servers can communicate each other.

SM59 is the T-code to create RFC Destination, in general RFC destinations will be created by Basis Consultants.

Why RFC function modules?

These RFC function modules very much useful in communicating with other servers in a business process, in real time business most of the companies maintain more than one servers, they need to communicate each other to perform a business operation.(Example: In my current company sales order will be created in some other system(NON SAP), materials will be maintained some other system(SAP), they often need to communicate to process a sales order, purchase order ).

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