Introduction to Component Controller and Context Mapping

Introduction to Component Controller, what is Internal Context Binding ? What is External Context Binding ?

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Component Controller:

  • Component Controller is a Controller which global to the entire web dynpro component.
  • The data declared in Component Controller can be accessed  in all view and window controllers.
  • In Component Controller we declare global nodes, global attributes, global methods which can be reused by multiple views, windows of the same component.

Context Mapping:

Mapping the context (nodes) between different controllers (Component Controller - View Controller, Component Controller - Window Controller ) is called as Context Mapping.

There are two types of context Mapping available in Web Dynpro.

1.Internal Context Mapping: Mapping the context between different controllers within the same component is called internal context Mapping.

2.External Context Mapping: Mapping the context between different controllers of different web dynpro components is called as External Context Mapping.

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