Using Parameters with View Plugs in Web Dynpro ABAP

How to share data between view plugs ? Using plug parameters to share data between view plugs

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In our previous lesson we have learned how to create view plugs and navigate between views, in this lesson we will be learning how can we pass data between views using view parameters.

PARAMETERS outbound plug: Every outbound plug can send parameters to inbound plug, outbound plug can only send parameters can not receive parameters, to add or see parameters, go to 'Outbound Plugs' tab in a view and double click on any outbound plug, you will see parameters at the bottom of the screen.

Outbound plug parameters

HANDLE method: For every inbound an handle event handle method will be created, this method will trigger every time, this inbound plug is called, the method name will be HANDLE<inbound_plug_name>, this method is used to import parameters posted by outbound plug.

Handle method inbound plug

You can access this by double clicking on it, this method is also available under methods tab.

Handle method parameters

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