Data Binding in webdynpro ABAP

Data binding in web dynpro for ABAP, binding UI elements to nodes and attributes

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  • Binding the UI element data { ex: Input field, check box, table etc } to corresponding node or attribute is called data binding.
  • The data is automatically transported from a view controller context to a UI element
  • .By using the data binding concept we can control multiple properties of a UI element like visibility, enable/disable etc.
  • The UI element properties can be manipulated through context by using data binding.

Why we need data binding ?

We all know that all the UI elements are just user interfaces, they can not store any data, the best example is explained below.

The simple example for data binding is check box, when ever the check box is checked/unchecked from user interface, we need to access the value of check box whether it is selected or not, this can be accessed by using data binding .

Ex: I have created a check box UI element in view and I have binded the check box to a context attribute the check box value can be retrieved through context attribute, if the check box is selected X will be stored in context attribute, if check box is deselected space will be stored in context.

Data Binding in wed dynpro for ABAP


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