Main Components of Web Dynpro ABAP Application

What are the main Components of SAP Web Dynpro ABAP Applictions

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Below are the some of the main components of a Web Dynpro ABAP application

  • Context (Data Container)
  • UI Element (Screen Element )
  • View ( Visible Screen)
  • Window (Container of Views)
  • Methods :Are coding blocks contains business logic ex: Select Statements, FM’s etc
  • Controller: Is responsible for communication between view and model
  • Navigation Plugs: Used to navigate between view
  • Application (URL for Web Dynpro Component)

Context, UI Element, Methods, Controller and data binding

  • Context: Is a data container, a temporary place where we can store some data run time.
  • Attribute: Is a variable in context.
  • Node: Is an element of context, it is the collection of attributes.
  • UI Element: Is a screen element to display some type of information ex: TextView, Drop Down, Radio, Checkbox, table etc.
  • Methods: Contains business logic ex: Select statements, Calling FM’s, Calling classes etc.
  • Controller: Communication channel between UI Element of a View and Model (methods)
  • Data Binding: Automatic transportation of data between context and UI elements, any changes to context will be automatically transported to linked UI elements.

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