What is an UI Element in Web Dynpro ABAP ?

What are UI Elements in Web Dynpro ABAP layout ?

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An UI Element is an screen element which is used to structure information and functions within the view.

UI Elements are crucial for the design of the screen layout.

Web Dynpro ABAP UI Element

UI Element Properties Each UI element has different properties. There are evident properties like background color or element width and several other properties used to specify a UI element. The properties are displayed in the View Designer in the properties table. This table is displayed for each UI element when the element is selected in the tree structure.

Actions In addition to the properties, possible events of UI elements - known as actions - are also managed in the table. Actions are provided for each UI element that expects an activity of the user - for example, a button or an input field. The corresponding event handler is created when you enter a name for the action in the properties table. When you double-click the action name, an ABAP Editor is called in which you can create the code for the event handler method.

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