Types of controllers in webdynpro ABAP

Different types of controllers used in web dynpro for ABAP programming as a part of MVC architecture

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What is a controller ?

Controller is an interface between model and view ( part of MVC architecture), controller is responsible for communicating view and model.

There are five types of controllers in web dynpro for ABAP.

1. View Controller

A view is nothing but a screen that contain different screen elements like input, table etc

A controller which is responsible for view related logic or programming is called as view controller, a web dynpro component can have multiple views, each view has it`s own controller.

2. Window controller

A window is a container of views, in web dynpro all views must be inserted into a window to display.

Window controller is a controller which is responsible for window related programming.A web dynpro component can have multiple windows, each window has it`s own controller.

3.Component Controller

This is a global controller for a web dynpro component, the methods, attributes etc declared in component controller can be used by all controllers in a component.

4.Interface Controller

Interface controller is a controller which is responsible for communication between two or more web dynpro components .

5.Custom Controller

This ia an optional controller and this is used to reduce the burden on component controller to improve the performance.

Custom controllers be also used as a configuration controller and will be used for personalization.

Web Dynpro controllers

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