What is enterprise portal ?

What is SAP Enterprise Portal ? Advantages of SAP Enterprise Search

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Enterprise Portal (EP) is a portal software developed by SAP AG.


Portal is a container of developed internet applications which connects to various heterogeneous servers for execution .

The best example for portal is www.yahoo.com ,yahoo.com is web portal contains different internet application like Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance etc, all these applications are individually developed and integrated into one portal (yahoo.com).

Web Dynpro applications in Portal

  • In SAP the web dynpro applications will be developed individually by web dynpro ABAP consultants.
  • Once the web dynpro application is developed and tested, the application will be integrated into portal where end users uses these applications.

SAP Enterprise Portal

There are different portal software's available in market ex: web sphere portal, SAP also released it`s own portal software called Enterprise Portal for integrating SAP applications .

The main advantage of SAP Enterprise Portal is Single Sign On (SSO), SSO is a concept of connecting and accessing different heterogeneous servers with single username and password.

In Enterprise Portal we integrate different SAP business applications like SD Applications, HR applications, BI applications(Reports), CRM applications etc which are connected to different servers (SD--R/3 Server, HR--R/3 Server, BI--BI Server, CRM--CRM server etc), by using SSO we can connect to all these applications with single user name .

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