Using check box UI element in webdynpro ABAP

working with check box UI element in web dynpro for ABAP, web dynpro ABAP check box UI element

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Create and design component as per below diagram.

working with check box webdynpro ABAP

Step1: Go to SE80, create a web dynpro component ZSAN_CHECKBOX, save it in a local object.

Step2: Double click on main view, click on change, go to context, create a node "CHK" with (1 - 1) cardinality and create two attributes as below.



Step3: Go to layout, right click on ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER, insert element id : CHK, type : Checkbox, enter.

 create binding for the property "VALUE" to CHK of node CHK, create an action method  "ON_CHK_SEL" for "ON_TOGGLE" of CHK. Similarly insert another UI element id: TEXT, type: TextView, enter, create data binding for the property "text" to SELECTED of node CHK.

Step4: Go methods, double click on WDDOINIT, and add below logic.

Step5: Save and activate whole component, create application and test.

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