Using radio button Group in Web Dynpro ABAP

Working with radio button group in web dynpro for ABAP, using radio button group UI element

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As a part of real-time projects, we don`t use individual radio buttons, instead we use radio button group UI element, Radio Button Group Ui element is a UI element which created multiple radio buttons in the form of a group.

SAP has provided two options for this radio buttons groups in web dynpro ABAP, based on the requirement we can choose suitable one.

Radio Button Group in web dynpro ABAP

Radio Button Group by Key:

  • This is used when ever we have fixed values for a domain ex: Gender (go to SE11, select domain, provide GENDER, display to check fixed values).
  • The number of radio buttons created will be determined statically ex:Gender.

Radio Button Group by index:

  • This is used when ever we have dynamic number of radio buttons with dynamic values.
  • The number of radio buttons are determined dynamically ex: radio buttons for material type (we will discuss in next lessons)

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