Simple Web Dynpro component to display customer details

Simple Web Dynpro component to display customer details based on a customer number

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Requirement: Develop a web dynpro component to display customer basic details for a customer number input.

Understand and follow below diagram.

Wd display customer details

Step1: Go to transaction SE80, select web dynpro component from drop down, provide name as ZSAPN_CUSTOMER_DETAILS, enter, click yes, provide description, enter and save it in a local object.

Step2: Go to main view, go to context, right click on context -> Create -> node, provide name as KNA1, provide dictionary structure as KNA1, cardinality 1-1, selection 0-1 and click on add attributes from structure.

Step3: A popup will come, select KUNNR, NAME1, ORT01 and LAND1 and press enter.

Step4: Select node and remove dictionary structure under node properties.

Step5: Go to layout tab, right click on rootuielementcontainer, create container from, click on context and select KNA1, enter.

Step6: Again right click on rootuielementcontainer -> insert element , provide id as BTN_GET and type as BUTTON, press enter.

Step7: Provide button text as get customer and create an action method on_get.

Step8:Go to actions tab, double click on on_get.

1. Read node static attributes using code wizard.

2.Get data from KNA1 and set data to node using set_static_attributes method.

Step8:Save and activate the component.

Step9:Test the application.

Provide a customer number(get from KNA1 table) and clcik on get customer, it will fill all fields.

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