BADI and types of BADI in SAP

SAP enhancement framework BADI, badi advantages, types of BADI available in SAP

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BADI (Business Add-in)
  • BADI is another way of implementing enhancements to the standard programs with out modifying the original code.
  • BADI's are implemented using oo programming technique Technically a BADI is nothing but an interface.
  • Each BADI consists of the method with out implementation called as BADI definition.
  • We need to create classes to write the abap code by implementing the methods called as BADI implementation.

SE18 is the T-code for BADI definition, SE19 is the T-code for BADI implementation.

Advantages of BADI

  • The main advantage of using BADI's is , we can create multiple implementations for a single BADI definition.
  • Where as with the exits, we can create a single implementation.i.e a single project for a enhancement.
  • We cannot create another project (implementation) for enhancement which is already used. That is why we go for BADI's.

Types of BADI

  • Single implementation BADI.
  • Multiple implementation BADI.
  • Filter BADI.
  • Custom BADI (Not used/Rarely used)

Single implementation BADI:- A BADI which has only one implementation (single class) is called single implementation BADI.

Multiple implementation BADI:- A BADI which has multiple implementations is called multiple implementation BADI. By default all the implementations will be executed.

We cannot control the sequence of execution of multiple implementations.

Filter BADI It is type of BADI which has a filter value so that only those implementations which satisfy the filter value are executed. The remaining implementations are not executed this type of BADI is called a filter BADI.

Properties of BADI

Types of BADI in SAP

  • If WITH IN SAP checkbox is selected then this BADI is only used by sap.
  • If multiple use checkbox is selected then it is a multiple implementation BADI.
  • If multiple use checkbox is not selected then it is a single implementation BADI.
  • If filter dependent checkbox is selected then it is filter dependent BADI. We need to specify the filter type such as land1, bukrs, werks. for the filter BADI.

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