Finding BADI for a T-Code in SAP

How to find a BADI in SAP ?, finding BADI for a transaction code in SAP

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There are two ways of finding BADI for transactions.
  1. Using standard class CL_EXITHANDLER.
  2. Using SE84 T-code.

Using CL_EXITHANDLER Class to find BADI

CL_EXITHANDLER is a class in SAP, it will trigger for each and every transaction in SAP, in this class there is a method called GET_INSTANCE, by using this method we can find the list of BADI`s for a transaction.

Steps to find BADI using CL_EXITHANDLER

Go to T-code SE24,provide class name as CL_EXITHANDLER and display.

Finding BADI in SAP

Double click on the method GET_INSTANCE and put a break-point on the below method GET_CLASS_NAME_BY_INTERFACE.


How to find BADI in SAP

Execute the transaction (example VA01), the break-point will trigger, not down the values that comes to variable exit_name. (Press F8 to get next exit name, continue process until screen displays).

Find BADI in SAP

Using SE84 to find BADI

Find package for a T-code.Go to SE93, provide t-code name(VA01), display.

Find BADI using Se84

Go to SE84, expand enhancements, expand Business Add-ins and select definition.

Provide package name and execute, you will find list of BADI`s.

How to find BADI

Ways to find BADI

Some times you may need to use both the methods to find suitable BADI.

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