What is BDC in SAP ? Types of BDC ?

Batch Data Communication(BDC) in SAP, data migration in SAP using BDC

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BDC(Batch Data Communication) is a batch interfacing technique which is used to insert mass data into SAP R/3 system, in BDC the data will be loded into R/3 using SAP Screen which we use to create a record(Example: Material in MM01).In simple BDC is a technique in SAP, which is used to upload mass data into R/3 server from a flat file( .txt, Excel etc).

In BDC the data will be flowing in SAP R/3 through screens (Ex: MM01), BDC is a inbound process.

The BDC can be performed in two methods:
  • Call Transaction.
  • Session Method.

Call Transaction and Session Method differances.

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