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Data Dictionary

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SAP Data Dictionary and using Data Dictionary Objects, Tables, Views, Domains, Data elements and lock objects

Lesson Category Data Dictionary
Time to Learn 90 Min

Data Dictionary Lesson Content

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1What is Data Dictionary in SAP ? What are main Functions of Data Dictionary in SAP ? Start Learning
2Data Types Domains Data Elements in SAP Start Learning
3How to create Domain and Data Element in SAP? Start Learning
4What are the components of SAP Tables SE11? Start Learning
5What are the types of database tables in SAP? Start Learning
6How to create a database table in SAP SE11? Start Learning
7How to create a Structure in SAP SE11? Start Learning
8What is the difference between structure and table in SAP data dictionary? Start Learning
9What is the difference between Transparent, pooled and cluster tables in SAP ? Start Learning
10What is a Check table? How to create a check table in SAP? Start Learning
11Fixed values of a domain in SAP Start Learning