What are the components of SAP Tables SE11?

What are the components of database tables in SAP? What is a key field, delivery class and size category in SAP?

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What are the components of Table in SAP ?

Before creating a table, we must know the components of the table.

What is a key field in ABAP Dictionary Table?

A field which does not accept duplicate data is called as the key field.

What is a foreign Key in ABAP Dictionary

Foreign Key is a concept which is used to define relations between tables in ABAP Dictionary.

A relationship which can be defined between tables and must be explicitly defined at field level. Foreign keys are used to ensure the consistency of data. Data entered should be checked against existing data to ensure that there are now contradiction. While defining foreign key relationship cardinality has to be specified. Cardinality mentions how many dependent records or how referenced records are possible.

What are Compound Foreign Key in ABAP Dictionary?

A compound foreign key is a foreign key composed of two or more fields. In other words, a check is done to compare two fields in the foreign key table against two fields in the check table. The combination of values must exist in the check table before they can be inserted into the foreign key table. However only one field on the screen will trigger the compound foreign key check.

What is a delivery class in ABAP Dictionary?

It specifies the type of data stored in a database table ex: master data, Transaction data, system data etc.

Options available under delivery class:

A- Application Table (Master and Transaction data).

C-Customizing table, maintenance only by customer not SAP.

L-Table for storing temporary data.

G, E, S, W - These are used to store system data (Basis data).

Display and Maintenance

It specifies whether the user can display the data and maintain the data, the following options are available under display and maintenance.

  1. Display/Maintenance Allowed. - User can display and maintain data.
  2. Display/Maintenance allowed with restrictions - Some users can display and maintain data.
  3. Display/Maintenance not allowed - No user can display data.

What is data class ?

It specifies the physical area of a table in the database, the following options are available under data class.

APPL0 - Master data

APPl1 - Transaction data

APPL2 - Organization and Customizing

DDIM, DFACT, DODS etc., is used by BI and BW.

What is size category in Data Dictionary?

It specifies the number of records that can be stored in a database table, options available under size category are below.

Size Category No of expected records
0 0 - 7,100
1 7,100 - 28,000
2 28,000 - 1,10,000
The above numbers may vary from company to company.
Size category will be incremented dynamically based on increase in records.


It is a temporary memory for storing the data.

It is same as cache memory.

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