How to create Domain and Data Element in SAP?

How to create a domain in SAP ? how to create data element in SAP ? Step-by-Step process to create data elements and domains in SAP

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How to create Domain in SAP

Creating a Domain in SAP

Go to SE11 T-code, select domain radio button, provide a name (ZSAPN_DOMAIN) and create.

Create domain in SAP

Provide short description, no of characters and save (Ctrl S ).

 Domain in SAP

Select local object ( non transportable object ).

How to create domain in SAP


 Create data element

Domain is created.

How to create Data Element in SAP

Creating data element in SAP

Go to SE11, select data type radio button, provide a name (ZSAPN_DATAELEMENT) and create.

 Create data element

A popup will open, select data element radio button

Creating data element

Enter short description and domain name (ZSAPN_DOMAIN) and select field label tab.

data element in SAP

Select field label tab and maintain field labels.

SAP data element

Save and Activate, Data element is created.

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