Performance tuning ST05 Transaction in SAP ABAP

SAP performance tuning to check the performance of SAP ABAP programs

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ST05 is a T-code which is used to trace performance of SAP Objects, things we can done using ST05 are below.

  • SQL Trace which is used to trace time execution for open SQL statements like select, insert, update, delete etc.
  • Enqueue Trace which is used to trace locking and unlocking of lock objects.
  • Buffer Trace, this is used to monitor table buffer accesses.
  • RFC Trace, this is used to trace remote calls made of a application.
  • HTTP Trace which is used to trace HTTP requests(ex: browser requests) of SAP applications.

To perform trace operations go to ST05, select trace, activate trace, open another session and execute the application which we wants to trace, comeback to ST05, deactivate the trace and display the trace.

Using ST05 in SAP ABAP

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