What is a functional specification? examples of Functional Specification

what are functional specifications in SAP? explanation about functional specifications in SAP ABAP

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What is a Functional Specification?

Functional Specification is the official document for a developer which describes the features and design of expected functionality, it contains the technical expectations and required data for the design and development.

This Functional Specification document is the functional document, which explains in detail how software will be designed.

Functions Of Functional Specifications:

  • Requirement.
  • Design Summary.
  • Desired Functionality.
  • Finished product.
  • Test Cases.

Functional Specification format/contents may differ from company to company, every company follow their own formatting style.

Who prepares Functional Specifications?

As per standard Organizational structure, functional consultants will prepare functional specifications, in some cases Techno-Functional consultants will prepare them.(In some companies Senior-Technical Consultants may prepare ).

What is the next step after Functional Specifications?

Once Functional Specification is prepared, the document will be sent for approval to functional head or project manager, once approved, it will send to technical lead. The technical lead will distribute the Functional Specification to any developer.

How do you receive Functional Specifications?

In general a functional specification will be sent to a consultant through organizational email like : Outlook, IBM Lotus etc.

Sample Functional Specification Document.

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