Creating a Material in SAP

Step by step tutorial to create materials in SAP, MM basics for SAP ABAP consultants

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Useful T-codes related to material master

  1. Change MMR - MM02
  2. Display MMR- MM03
  3. Materials List - MM60
  4. Schedule changes - MM14
  5. Display changes -- MM04
  6. Change material type - MMAM
  7. Mass maintenance - MM17
  8. Flag for deletion - MM06
  9. Maintain storage locations - MMSC.
  10. Extend Material views - MM50

Creating a material in SAP

We use MM01 T-code to create a material in SAP, the material contains different views like basic view(Contains material basic information), Sales View(contains sales information), Classification(Characteristic information), Sales General/Plant data(contains sales and plant information), MRP(contains MRP information) etc, based on the material type and the available information the material will be created....In the below example we are going to create a material with basic details, plant details etc.

Go to T-code MM01 (Create Material), provide material number, industry sector, material type and press enter.

Creating materials in SAP

A pop up will open, select basic data1, basic data2, Sales:general/plant data views and press enter.

Creating materials in SAP

Provide plant(list of plants are available in T001W table), Sales Org (list of sales organizations are available in TVKO table), Distribution Channel( all the distribution channels are available in TVTW table) and press enter.

Creating materials in SAP

Provide material description(Mandatory), Base Unit of Measure(mandatory) and other optional fields like material group(all material groups are available in T023 table), Division(all divisions are available in TSPA table) etc.

Creating materials in SAP

Go to Sales: sales Org. 1 view and enter required fields.

Creating materials in SAP

Go to sales text view and provide some sales text (optional)

Creating materials in SAP

As per the requirement fill the fields and save, material is created.

To display created material Go to MM03, provide material no TESTMAT001, display.

To change material go to MM)2, provide material no TESTMAT001, enter, select view to change data.

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