SAP ABAP editor key board shortcuts every ABAP developer should know

SAP ABAP editor key board shortcut keys every ABAP Consultant should know, must know key board shortcuts for ABAP Consultants

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Below are the some of the most useful shortcuts which makes an ABAP consultant program quickly and easily

Shortcut Description
Ctrl + D Duplicate any line.
Ctrl + / Jump to the "command field" where we enter t-codes. This comes really handy and saves a jump from keyboard to mouse and back to the keyboard just to click on the box.
Ctrl + J Convert to Proper case where the first letter of every word becomes a capital letter. This is pretty useful when writing comments
Ctrl + I & Incremental search. This is a little improved 'Find' (Ctrl + F) function which searches as soon as you type. Useful for impatient people
Ctrl + Shift + I Add shift to search backwards
Ctrl + K Toggle between Upper case and Lower Case
Ctrl + L All text lowercase
Ctrl + U All text uppercase
Ctrl + N Open a new Window in SAP
Shift + F1 Execute Pretty Printer
Ctrl + F2 Check Syntax
Ctrl + F3 Activate Object
Ctrl+F Search
Ctrl+G Find next )
Ctrl+O Go to line
Ctrl+L Small letters
Ctrl+U Uppercase letters
Ctrl+J Camel case letters
Ctrl+K Switch between Upper and Lower Case
Ctrl+H Find and Replace
Ctrl+Shift+I Increment search Backward
Ctrl+Shift+S Save Hard copy
Ctrl+Shift+L/X Deletes whole line
Ctrl+Shift+V Gives All Paste options
Ctrl+Alt+T Swaps line with Upper case
Tab & Shift tab Increase and Decrease Intend
Ctrl + O Go to a particular line in the program
Ctrl + Shift + S Save your program in Desktop in.abap format.
Ctrl + <. & Ctrl + > , Comment and Un-comment selected lines
Ctrl+Shift+L/X Deletes the whole line
Ctrl + Space Display options to complete a command

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