Introduction to ABAP 7.4 and FAQ

Introduction to NetWeaver ABAP 7.4, and Frequently asked questions ABAP 7.4

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SAP NetWeaver 7.4 is one of the latest versions from SAP, here in NetWeaver 7.4 version SAP has introduced lot of new programming features which are very useful for ABAP Developers, and this version simplifies many ABAP syntax.

By the end of this course you will be able to understand new ABAP Syntax and working with new syntax in your projects. Below are the some of the basic FAQ, before starting ABAP(NetWeaver) 7.4.

Is ABAP 7.4 Supported in my Server?

To check, login to SAP, go to System -> Status -> Component -> Installed product versions tab, there you can see SAP NETWEAVER version, to work with ABAP 7.4, it should be more than 7.4.


What is inline declaration in SAP ABAP 7.4 ?

SAP ABAP 7.4 works with inline declarations, An inline declaration in a statement works like a short form of a declaration statement directly in front of the statement, If used correctly, inline declarations are an excellent way of making programs leaner and easier to understand.

What are the rules for Inline Declarations in ABAP 7.4 ?

The primary rule for inline declarations is, use them only locally, Use them as if they were local declarations in the current statement block

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