Menu Exit for IW31, IW32 & IW33

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How Find Menu Exit

Go to tcode IW31 -> System ->Status


Copy Program Name



Go to tcode SE37

Exit_<programname> *



And click f4



Implementing Menu Exit

IWO20001 - PM order: User exit to pass routing to order

Go to  SMOD



Go to CMOD Create project ZWO20001




Click Components



Double click on    EXIT_SAPLCOIH_003

Write code in this include like this



if sy-tcode = 'IW31'.
call transaction 'KO88'.






Check Menu Exit in IW31


Go to IW31



KO88 screen opens



After searching SCN, I found there is no document for implementing menu exit for IW31, IW32 & IW33, so I am presenting this document.


Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions....