SLAD Create Debugging Profile with Software Layer Aware Debugging

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It is very useful if you want to debug just some specific Classes, Programs, Function Modules or Objects from a Package .


First you need to enter the Transaction SLAD . Here you choose the Object Sets Tab. Then you create an Object Set by Right Click ->Create.

Then you specify a name for this Object Sets, Selection Criterion (here you choose the Object that you want to debug ).




In the Column Display / Change Selection you choose the Function Module name in our case the Function Module: MONTHS_BETWEEN_TWO_DATES




Than you need to go on the Profiles Tab , Right Click ->Create a Profile and then you just need to give the Object Sets Name created before (Z_OS_KIKI) and save it.




In the Debugger you have start a report, or Transaction and you want to enter also in your Function Module which you have giveen in the Object Sets. You just need to go to the button Configure Debugger Layer and here give the Profile created before in SLAD (Z_KIKI_PROFIL). By Pressing the Next Object Set you will reach directly in your Function Module.

It is very useful if you want to enter in Debug just in a specific place and not debug every single line of code until you arrive your Function Module.