FI-AA Asset Accounting

Integrated with FI-GL, FI-AR, FI-AP, CO, MM, PP and PM, this modulemanages the financial side (depreciation, insurance, etc.) of the assetsthroughout their entire life cycle starting with procurement of assets and endingwith scrapping or sales.

FI-AP Accounts Payable

Integrated with FI-GL, FI-AA, FI-TR and MM, this sub module managesvendor transactions by linking with material management, asset accounting,travel management, etc. Notable is the 'payment program' for makingpayments to vendors.

FI-AR Accounts Receivable

Integrated with FI-GL, FI-AA, FI-TR, MM and SD, this sub module managescustomers and receivables, and integrates with SD. It is well-known for creditmanagement functionalities and the 'dunning' program.

FI-BL Bank Accounting
FI-FM Funds Management
FI-GL General Ledger Accounting

This sub module is integrated with all other sub modules within FI and outsideFI.

FI-SL Special Purpose Ledger

This sub module is used to provide the summary information from multipleapplications at a level of detail that the user defines.

FI-LC Legal Consolidations

This sub module helps in the central task of combining the financial operatingresults of the companies within a group to provide overall results for the group.

FI-TM Travel Management

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