It calculates a inner join of the given pair of tables on a list of join attributes. Each pair of join attributes must have identical attribute names else one of them must be renamed prior to the join.

ot_pubs_books1 = CE_JOIN (:lt_pubs, :it_books, [“PUBLISHER”]);
ot_pubs_books2 = CE_JOIN (:lt_pubs, :it_books, [“PUBLISHER”], [“TITLE”, “NAME”, “PUBLISHER”, “YEAR”]);
Is equivalent to
ot_pubs_books3 = SELECT P.publisher as publisher, name, street, post_code, city, country, isbn, title, edition, year, price, crcy                                   FROM :lt_pubs AS P, :it_books as B WHERE P.publisher = B.publisher;
ot_pubs_books4 = SELECT  title, name, P.publisher as publisher, year FROM :lt_pubs AS P, :it_books AS B WHERE P.publisher = B.publisher;

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