Columns of modeling view can be classified as Attribute or Measure.
  • Attribute: Non-measurable, Descriptive data, such as customer ID, city, and country
  • Measure: Quantifiable data, such as revenue, quantity sold and counters.
Let us take an example of an organization’s sales tables. The table contains columns like SALES, PROFIT, PRODUCT, CUSTOMER NAME, YEAR, COUNTRY etc.
The important business use cases will be like:
  • What is the sales value for country India for year 2013?
  • What is the profit for product ‘XYZ’ for country USA?
The SALES and PROFIT columns are numeric values. These columns are measurable and can be aggregated. While the columns PRODUCT, CUSTOMER NAME, YEAR and COUNTRY are descriptive and non-measurable.
Here PRODUCT, CUSTOMER NAME, YEAR and COUNTRY are attributes, while SALES and PROFIT are measures.

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