Using WE19 to reprocess IDOC or Debugg IDOC

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Using WE19 t-code to reprocess IDOC, debugging an IDOC using WE19 t-code, test IDOC using WE19

A ABAP programmer, who is working with ALE-IDOC`s must know about WE19 T-code, WE19 T-code is used to test inbound IDOCS (test ground).By using WE19, we can able to change existing IDOC data and test (new IDOC will be generated), we can create new IDOC using message type, we can debug IDOC.

Follow the below steps to process/debug IDOC using WE19

In below example we are using MATMAS message type to create a material.

Step1: Go to WE19, if you have IDOC no select 'Existing Idoc' radio button and provide IDOC number, execute.

If you don`t have IDOC number, select 'Basic Type' radio button and provide 'Basic type' as MATMAS04, execute.

Testing and debugging IDOCs using WE19

Step2: Now you can see the segments related to MATMAS, double click on required segments, add data.

Testing and debugging IDOCs using WE19

Similarly add data to all segements for mandatory fields.

Step3: Click on inbound function module button (on toolbar), a popup will come, provide inbound function module name as 'IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS01' for MATMAS message type.If you wants to debug IDOC, select 'Call in debugging mode' check box and enter

Here 'IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS01' is a inbound function module which is linked to MATMAS message type check in WE42.

Testing and debugging IDOCs using WE19

Step4: A new IDOC will be created.

Testing and debugging IDOCs using WE19

Step5:Go to T-code WE09, provide IDOC no, execute, you will find the status.

Testing and debugging IDOCs using WE19

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29 Mar 2018

nice doccument... Thanks you...

29 Mar 2018

Nice Document is very helpful

29 Mar 2018

Explanation is helpful.Thanks.

29 Mar 2018

how to debug a outbound idoc?

29 Mar 2018

Nice Blog... Hi Lalita, check below link. to debug an IDOC

29 Mar 2018

Nice is very helpful. Keep Posting

29 Apr 2020

@Lalita Find out the Outbound Program or else ask the Process consultant the after which action the IDOC will get triggered, and then in that program check the error at MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE FM .

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